How do I report duplicate patients?

Note: This is a state-configurable option. If enabled, only authorized users can perform this action. If you do not see the Report Duplicates button at the bottom of the Patient Search page after conducting a search, contact your administrator.

  1. If you conduct a search and notice duplicate patients in the list, click the Report Duplicates button located on the bottom right of the patient list.
    Report Duplicates button on the Patient Search page
  2. On the Report Duplicate Patients page that opens, select the reason for the deduplication, select the duplicate patients in the list, and click the Report Duplicates button.
    Report Duplicate Patients page
  3. Verify that the selected patients are really duplicates. If they are duplicates, select which patient record is the master (main) patient record, enter any additional comments at the bottom of the page (if needed), and click Merge.
    Patient Set Merge page
  4. The displayed records are merged together into the selected master record.

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