How do I view a patient's vaccination forecast?

Note: Also see the Search/Add Patients & Add Vaccinations Quick Reference Guide.

  1. First, select the patient. On the Patient Search page, enter search criteria for the patient, such as the patient's first and last names and birthdate, then click Search.
    Patient Search page and Patient > Search Add link in navigation menu
  2. In the Patient Search Results section, locate the patient name and click on the row.
    Patient Search Results section with example patient list
  3. In the left navigation pane, click Vaccinations > Forecast. The Patient Vaccination Forecast page opens.
    Patient Vaccination Forecast page with Vaccinations > Forecast highlighted in the left navigation pane
  4. For more information about the Vaccination Forecast section and how to read the information displayed on the page, see the Vaccination Forecasts page in the IWeb User Guide.

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