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Where can I find the VOMS version number?

Where can I find the VOMS version number?

The VOMS version number is located near the bottom of the left navigation panel.

VOMS version number location

Quick Reference Guides

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Version July 2018:      Recommended Order Quantity (ROQ) Summary:   PDF icon               

Version March 2018 & July 2018:      Administrative Tasks:   PDF icon      Cold Storage Units:   PDF icon
  Correct Lot Decrementing:   PDF icon      Create a Vaccine Order:   PDF icon
  Inventory Search/Barcode Scanning:   PDF icon      Search History:   PDF icon


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Version March 2018 & July 2018:      Product Settings FAQ:   PDF icon  
  Define & Manage Eligibility Categories FAQ:   PDF icon  
  Define & Manage Funding Sources FAQ:   PDF icon  

Data Dictionaries (Private)

Log in to view VOMS data dictionaries (VOMS 1.0, version 5.16.1 only). For VOMS 2.0 database tables, see the IWeb Data Dictionary.

VOMS 2.0 Testing Plans

Click here to download the XLSX file.