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Where can I find the IWeb version number?

Where can I find the IWeb version number?

The IWeb version number is located near the bottom of the left navigation panel:

IWeb version number location

Regression Test Areas

as of December 2016:   Monitor icon

Supporting Documentation

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IIS Provider Registration Guide:

Version 5.63.0:   PDF icon

Pandemic Registration Guide:

Version 5.63.0:   PDF icon

Esignature Guide for VFC/VFA:

Version 5.63.0:   PDF icon

iCAT User Guide:

August 2021:   PDF icon

DTT Specification Guide:

Version 5.38.0:   PDF icon
Version 5.35.0:   PDF icon
Version 5.31.0:   PDF icon

Deduplication User Guide:

Version 5.31.0:   PDF icon

Global Submitter Guide:

Version 5.38.0:   PDF icon

Serology Documentation:

Version 5.33.0:   PDF icon     
Serology HL7 Test Messages   Excel icon      Serology UI Tests   Excel icon

Smarty Streets Analysis:

Phase 1:   PDF icon

User Permissions Best Practices:

Version 5.38.0:   PDF icon

Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

Mass Immunizations QRGs
Version 5.31.0:      Overview:   PDF icon      Settings:   PDF icon
  Waiting Room:   PDF icon      Bar Code:   PDF icon
  Reports:   PDF icon     
IWeb QRGs for Providers
Version November 2020:      Add Historical Vaccine:   PDF icon      Add Adminstered Vaccine:   PDF icon
  Search/Add Patients:   PDF icon      Contraindications & Deferrals:   PDF icon
  Manage Patient Population:   PDF icon      Reminder Recall:   PDF icon
Version March 2018:      Search/Add Patients & Vaccinations:   PDF icon      Add Historical Vaccinations:   PDF icon
  Contraindications & Deferrals:   PDF icon      Search/Add Users:   PDF icon
  Add/Remove User Permissions:   PDF icon      Add an Organization:   PDF icon
  Add a Facility:   PDF icon      Move a Facility:   PDF icon
  Adding/Updating Email Address:   PDF icon      Modify Keycloak Roles:   PDF icon
Version Global:      Add/Edit Vaccinations:   PDF icon      Reconciliation:   PDF icon

IWeb Coverage Rate Report Information:  PDF icon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Eligibility Categories FAQ:   PDF icon  

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Data Dictionaries (Private)

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